1212 Round Pendant


$75.00 $75.00

Introducing our 1212 Round Pendant - more than just a necklace, it's a cosmic message. Crafted in a radiant silver hue, this pendant serves as a daily reminder of angel numbers and the universe's alignment in your favor. The 1212 sequence signifies spiritual growth, manifestation of your dreams, and a cosmic connection.


  • Material: Premium quality silver-tone alloy
  • Length: A comfortable 20 inches, perfect for daily wear.
  • Design: Intricate round pendant showcasing the "1212" angel number sequence.

Wearing this pendant isn't just about fashion; it's about embracing the power of angel numbers and letting good vibes and luck accompany you wherever you go. Let the universe whisper its secrets and infuse positivity into your every day. Your journey with the 1212 Round Pendant is more than skin deep—it's cosmic.

Animal Cruelty Free
Natural, Organic Ingredients
Ethically Sourced
Trusted by Thought Leaders
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Not just Skincare.