Vitamin GalaxSEA Overnight Face Gel Mask


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Get ready to glow because this rejuvenating face mask is about to be your dry skin’s new best friend.✨

Formulated with Sea Buckthorn Extract and Centella Asiatica Extract, this mask repairs the skin overnight and provides maximum hydration to reveal plump, glowing skin the next morning! 


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Natural, Organic Ingredients
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Sea Buckthorn CO2 Extract
A whole fruit berry extract that promotes regeneration, elasticity, and possesses anti-acnegenic properties. Used since ancient times to treat burns, these berries are the single highest plant-based source of vitamins C and E, and beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A (retinol). It’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a prized substance to help many skin-related conditions.
Centella asiatica Extract
Also known as gotu kola or brahmi (meaning “Greatest of the Great”) in Ayurvedic medicine, it has been used for millennia from Africa to the Far East for it’s wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies show that it increases collagen production, circulation, and elasticity with consistent use, while speeding up healing, and preventing scar formation.
Fermented Sea kelp
A prized post-biotic that is fermented with lactobacillus to increase the bioavailability of important skin-loving compounds from Sea Kelp. Increases conditioning and humectancy, and supports the skins microbiome.
A biologically active form of vitamin B3 with cosmeceutical properties ranging from reducing scarring, to increasing collagen synthesis and ceramide production. Works in tandem with acetyl glucosamine, vitamin C, and other antioxidants to improve the overall appearance of aged and photodamaged skin. Has been shown to regulate sebum production, which may be beneficial for acne-prone skin.
Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate
A water-stable form of vitamin C. A potent antioxidant that can improve the appearance of fragile skin by increasing collagen synthesis, correct age-spots, imparting a youthful appearance.
Acetyl Glucosamine
Naturally found in our skin between the cells, it functions as a humectant, collagen booster, mild exfoliating agent, and wound healing small molecule. When combined with niacinamide and vitamin C, it further reduces hyperpigmentation. An excellent choice ingredient for sensitive skin.
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