How to Create your own Room Diffuser

Posted by Hardip Kalsi on

Change is in the air once again! In order to embrace and celebrate the bounty of nature, transform your home into a warm, welcoming sanctuary for you and your family. 

Ingredients and Materials:

  • Glass Bottles (as many you you prefer)
  • Fragrance reed sticks
  • Fragrance or essential oil of your choice (we chose a pumpkin soufflé type)
  • Refined plant based oils (such as avocado or sunflower oil, with about 10% jojoba oil)


  1. Mix together about 90g of avocado or sunflower oil with 10 g of jojoba oil.
  2. Add between 1%- 3% fragrance oil of your choice (start with less, and add more if you need to!). Mix well.
  3. Pour the mixed oils into a decorative glass bottle/ small vase with a stable base to about ⅓ full. 
  4. Insert the reed sticks into the oil. 
  5. Wait a few hours for the oils to travel through the reed sticks to fill your home with delightful fragrance!
  6. You can occasionally turn the sticks upside down to increase the amount of fragrance you are diffusing. 

Tips and Tricks:

  • Use an oil blend that is fairly resistant to oxidation, like avocado, sunflower or ricebran oils. Nut oils are not a good choice.
  • Add jojoba oil to extend the shelf life of your oils.
  • Always place the diffuser away from a sunny window- this also helps to keep it longer.
  • If you can, choose a dark glass bottle to further preserve your diffuser oils.
  • Always check the maximum usage rates of any fragrance or essential oils you use. 
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