1212 Gateway: A portal into the future with Cryptocurrency

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1212 Gateway: 

A portal into the future with cryptocurrency

The 1212 Management Team further establishes itself at the forefront of technical innovation.

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – As an industry leader of innovation within the beauty world, 1212 Gateway is aligning with the growing themes of technological advancements by proudly accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment. 

Ian Rice, CEO of 1212 Gateway, expressed his vision: “Cryptocurrency is not only a revolutionary way to pay for products and services, but it also provides a sustainable transaction method that reduces environmental impacts caused by traditional currencies. With eco- consciousness as a key pillar of 1212 Gateway’s mission, expanding into cryptocurrency supports our holistic approach to accountability, accessibility to a global community, and creating a more eco-friendly future.”

We believe one of the ways we build that thriving future is by harnessing the power of the digital world. Established on a foundation of web-based sales, the company knows the power of the digital world very well. It is through this strategy of aligning with crypto that 1212 Gateway ushers us all into a brighter future - one that weaves sustainability with flexibility so that we can all partake in it.  

Using both Coinbase and Bitpay, 1212 Gateway is now accepting Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and many any others as they emerge among the crypto metaverse. 

About 1212 Gateway:  

1212 Gateway Skincare is a sustainable, environmentally-conscientious skin care brand. The products are always naturally-derived and sourced only from vendors that share its commitments. Its ingredients contain no artificial coloring, fragrances or unnatural preservatives and all of its packaging is made from recyclable materials.    

Contact: marketing@1212gateway.com

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