More than just Skincare.

Our Passion...

The 1212 Gateway is a period of time otherwise known as an "energy portal", where your energy is able to vibrate higher and accept positive change. With this foundational aspect of good energy acting as a guide in all processes, operations and initiatives – we aim to curate, grow and support your relationship with your skin.

Our Mission...

Our skincare products are for more than just sitting pretty on your bathroom counter; they are made for physical, mental, and spiritual self-care. Every product in your ritual is made to improve the quality of your skin with premium, cruelty-free formulas made from ethically sourced ingredients.

Animal Cruelty Free
Natural, Organic Ingredients
Ethically Sourced
Trusted by Thought Leaders
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Meet the Brand

1212 Gateway

Our mission is to provide eco-focused cosmetics and a lifestyle that embodies health and wellness. We love transparency, we love to communicate, and we sure love making things! I am proud to work with a talented team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to the 1212 gateway experience. 

- Ian Rice, CEO

Meet the Scientist

Hardip Kalsi

Having struggled with eczema since she was a young child in western Kenya, Hardip Kalsi spent the majority of her youth trying out products ranging from over-the-counter topicals to prescribed steroids. Not only were these treatments unsuccessful, they were taking a toll on her overall physical well-being. What ultimately reduced Hardip’s scars (both inside & out) were the homemade concoctions that she made in the kitchen with her mother – a true testament to the power of balance & simplification. Now with a Masters in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, a passion for developing innovative cosmetics, and 18 years of creating successful skincare formulations, her mission is to cultivate a refreshing perspective on skincare products from which everyone can benefit. 


The goal with her unique 1212 Gateway product formulas is not to work against the body to fight skin issues, but rather to nudge it towards equilibrium.

The Science

The science backing 1212 gateway products is centered on establishing tangible, realistic, and long-term solutions for the skin. Here’s how we are doing this:


→ Every single product line is created to fit into anyone’s regimen, no matter the skin type.


→ We are consistently improving our formulations based on customer feedback, all while continuing to work synergistically with nature. 


→ We work with nature, rather than against it, with ingredients that encourage the skin to return to a state of healthy balance.

*1212 gateway products are always free of the following: synthetic dyes, cruelty, gluten, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, urea, synthetic fragrances, and ethanolamines.*

Not just Skincare.